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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk evaluation: Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk

id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-element="indepthReview"> The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk is the desktop variation of the moveable FreeAgent GoFlex Professional . The two drives share the exact adaptable, interchangeable adapter design and style that eliminates the fear about what connection sorts to get for your exterior tricky travel. This is mainly because, even though the GoFlex Desk comes with just one particular USB 2. link, it can guidance any other kind of peripheral relationship, such as USB 3. or FireWire, through snap-in adapters. nnAt the road rate of around $220 for the 3TB edition (the 2TB and 1TB expense $140 and $100, respectively) the GoFlex Desk is a seriously excellent deal, specially when you take into consideration its decent general performance and the fact that its adapter also supports any interior SATA tricky drives. nnIf you perform a ton with inner tricky drives and are wanting for an exterior drive for your desktop laptop or computer, be it a Personal computer or a Mac, seem no further more than the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk. nnnnnDrive type 3.five-inch exterior USB difficult travelnnConnector alternatives USB two., USB three., FireWirennMeasurement (WHD) six.22 x 4.88 x 1.73 inchesnnWeight two.38 lbsnnOffered capacities 1TB, 2TB, 3TBnnCapability of take a look at unit 3TBnnNotable structure Interchangeable relationship adapternnOSes supported Microsoft Home windows (XP, Vista, seven) Mac OS 10.five or greaternnSoftware program bundled Memeo BackupnDesign and featuresnThe FreeAgent GoFlex Desk will come in two areas: the really hard drive and the adapter. The tricky travel is mainly just an interior hard drive housed in a plastic chassis. At the base, the drive's housing has a little opening to reveal the interior hard drive's typical SATA female connector. The adapter aspect has a male SATA connector these two components can be snapped on to each other and healthy tightly to variety the GoFlex exterior really hard drive. nnOut of the box, the GoFlex Desk comes with only just one USB two. adapter, but thanks to its revolutionary adaptable layout, you can insert assistance for other connection forms, these as USB 3. or FireWire, with the uncomplicated addition of other adapters--while these, however, charge more. You also have the option to acquire the GoFlex really hard drive element on its individual and then a individual adapter to sort the exterior hard drive with the relationship choice of your choice. In this situation, we advise you get the USB three. adapter, which fees $30, IRO chelating specifically if your personal computer supports USB 3. (USB 2. ports will accept USB three. adapters as nicely). nnWe definitely like the revolutionary, flexible style and design, as it indicates you can use the tough drives and the adapters interchangeably when you have various GoFlex Desk drives in the household. Or you can use just one particular drive with many adapters, which is an excellent circumstance for an setting with a number of pcs that have distinct sorts of peripheral connections. For example, you can use a USB 3. adapter with one personal computer and a FireWire adapter with one more. You then can conveniently shift the really hard-generate section all around and depart the adapters attached to their respective personal computers at all moments. nnAnother good thing about this style is the fact these adapters can also be employed with any internal SATA challenging drives, of the two the two.five-inch (laptop) and the three.5-inch (desktop) designs, even people not created by Seagate. This can make the GoFlex Desk a need to have for any person who operates frequently with inner tricky drives, simply because it can swap other docking-station methods, these as the Ineo USB three. Dock or the VanTec NexStar. nnThough the hard-push part of the GoFlex Desk is just a bare-bones drive, the adapter also features a storage gauge that has four white LED lights to exhibit the approximate amount of storage becoming applied. Every gentle signifies 25 p.c of the drive's storage. nnThe GoFlex Desk's design and style is not best, nevertheless. We uncovered that the adapter, which is built to also be the foundation of the drive when applied in the supposed vertical position, is also slender and mild, so that the generate topples effortlessly. You can avoid this by employing the drive in the horizontal position, but that deflects from the search of the total bundle. nnContinue to next page 01n02
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